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The Collegium

The Collegium

History of sciences taught us that some places are better suited to offer a high-quality environment to stimulate scientific creativity. They often are small size institutions, without a rigid hierarchy and a will to go off the beaten track of the research fields to venture into original or less followed paths.

With this in mind, following the example of other Institutes for Advanced Study (IAS) around the world, the Collegium was created in 2006, aiming at respecting the two main characteristics of an IAS: an international dimension and an active interdisciplinary.

The Collegium de Lyon is a structure conceived as a space of freedom for a small community of high-level scholars, usually in position abroad, who are offered, for a short, limited time (10 months or possibly 5 months), to be released from their usual academic obligations in order to focus fully on their scientific work.

The Collegium de Lyon is open to any approach, theme of research or cultural area. Its purpose is to gather the best candidates and to offer them independence so that they may fulfill their research project. The Collegium de Lyon bets that significant scientific results will emerge from a community of researchers, gathered in the same place and with high-quality conditions of work, working on different scientific projects.
The IAS fall in two categories: independent or university-based. The Collegium is a University Based Institute for Advanced Study (UBIAS). Its fellows can work in close ties with the 6 800 researchers working in more than 200 laboratories within the Université de Lyon, which received the IDEX label (Initiative d'excellence) in 2017.
Applications matching the themes of research of the Lyon Saint-Etienne academic site and offering long-term international cooperation perspectives are preferred among application of an equal quality. The Direction of the Collegium de Lyon is available for helping the applicants to develop these links as soon as they are preparing their project.

Organisation an governance

The Collegium de Lyon is part of the "Communauté d’universités et d’établissements"(COMUE) Université de Lyon. Following its founder the historian Olivier Faron (2006-2010) and the linguist Alain Peyraube (2010-2016), the Collegium is managed since May 2016 by the historian Hervé Joly.

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