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Stay 2016-2017

Long stays (September to July)

EURIAS fellowship
Associate Researcher - Lisbon University (Portugal)
Research Project: « Rethinking Anthropology in the light of Phenomenology and Psychopathology. Michel Foucault’s 1950s Manuscripts (Bibliothèque Nationale de France) »

Language Sciences
EURIAS fellowship
Associate Professor – Research University Higher School of Economics (Russia)
Research Project: « Atlas of Multilingualism in Daghestan »

EURIAS fellowship
Associate Professor (Senior Lecturer) – Plymouth University (UK)
Research Project: « Rivers in the Anthropocene : an integrated analysis of cumulative historic human impacts on fluvial systems and their management implications »

EURIAS fellowship
Associate Professor – Central European University (Hungary)
Research Project: « For the love of a woman: Gender, Class and the French radical right »

Assistant Researcher – Beijing Academy of Social Sciences (China)
Research Project: « Homicides in Manchu Banners. A Research Based on the First Historical Archives in Beijing »

Associate Professor (tenured) – Northwestern University (USA)
Research Project: « Regimes of care: Islamic guardianship and the transnational adoption of muslim orphans »

Comparative Literature
Associate Professor – Polotsk State University (Belarus)
Research Project: « Les stratégies missionnaires, pédagogiques et littéraires des jésuites dans l'Empire de Russie (1772-1820) »

Associate Professor – Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences (China)
Research Project: « Cadasters, land market and urban transformation of Shanghai Foreign Settlements (1843-1943) »

Post-doctoral researcher – Lausanne University (Switzerland)
Research Project: « Tatouage, cultures savantes, cultures populaires (Europe, XIXe-XXe siècles) »

Honorary Professor – Central European University (Hungary)
Research Project: « A new history of psychology »

Post-doctoral researcher – Università di Napoli L'Orientale (Italy)
Research Project: « L'esclavage colonial en question dans les contextes politiques et culturels italiens aux XVIIIe-XIXe siècles »

Short stays

(September to December)

Research Assistant - Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (China)
Reseach project: Study of Word-order Typology Based on the Development of Chinese Diachronic Syntax

Urban Planning
Assistant Professor - Chulalongkorn University (Thailand).
Research Project: « East Asian Cities Past, Present and Future : Urban Planning in Historical and Sociological Comparative Perspectives »

(October to January)

Professor - University of Samara (Russia)
Research Project: Genèse de l'utopie au siècle des Lumières : Travail de la mémoire collective

(November to March)

Professor – Tokyo University (Japan)
Research Project: « Co-Evolution of Capability and Architecture -A Comparative Study of European and East Asian Manufacturing Industries »

(February to July)

Political Sciences
EURIAS fellowship
Professor – Toronto University (Canada)
Research Project: « Boko Haram, Media and the Security Discourse »

Professor – Washington University (USA)
Research Project: « A History of Medieval Heresy »

Language Sciences
Auxiliary Professor – Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (Peru)
Research Project: « Describing a dying language: The effects of obsolescence on Iskonawa and their consequences for grammatical description »

® Crédits photograhiques Christophe Delory 2016

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