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Main Research Themes

Original projects

As an Institute of Advanced Study, the purpose of the Collegium de Lyon is to create a scientific community of excellence, focused mainly on humanities and social sciences but without excluding exact sciences, especially in the case of transversal topics with an innovating point of view.

The Collegium de Lyon is open to all applications and looks forward to receiving individual, original and high-level projects from a wide range of field of studies, research focus and societal questions.

Two criteria are considered in priority when selecting the projects:
  • scientific excellence, especially the innovative aspect of the project, which is expected to bring significant progress in the knowledge about a specific topic
  • a relevant connection with the research potential of the academic site of Lyon-Saint-Etienne (see the overview of the research in the Université de Lyon) and the intention to developp active links with the labs
Generally speaking, in parallel with the projects on specific themes of research (see below), projects within the scope of one of the three priority themes of the IDEXLYON (Initiative d'excellence) will be reviewed sympathetically. The three IDEX themes are Bio-Health and society, Science and engineering, and Humanities and urbanity. 

Projects on specific themes of research

In addition to projects that are totally free and without specific conditions regarding the nature and subject of the theme of research, some positions are open in priority for subjects that match specific research programs in Lyon Saint Etienne.

Linguistics and language-oriented activities

A call for applications is open with the LabEx(*) ASLAN (Advanced studies on language complexity) to select a researcher on this topic.

more information here

Mathematics and theoritical computer sciences

A call for applications is open with the LabEx(*) Milyon to select a researcher on this topic.

more information here

The question of the origins

A call for applications is opened in partnership with the LabEx(*) LIO (Institut des Origines de Lyon) to select an applicant working at the interface between Humanities and Social Sciences / Natural Sciences. The selected applicant will offer an original research project on the question of origins: philosophical approach of the origins, epistemology, history of sciences (notably the recent history), sociology of sciences, pedagogy of sciences...

UNESCO Chair "Memory, Cultures and Interculturality"

A call for application is open to select a researcher working on the research topics covered by the UNESCO Chair "Memory, Cultures and Interculturality" (Pascale Boucaud, Roger Koudé, Université catholique de Lyon). 

more information here

Memory Project

A call for applications is open in the frame of the Memory Project. The contact person is Hugues Fulchiron, professor at the Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3, Institut universitaire de France :

more information (in French only) here

Physics Radiobiology Medical imaging and Simulation

A call for applications is open with the LabEx(*) PRIMES (Physics Radiobiology Medical imaging and Simulation) to select a researcher on this topic.

more information here

(*) The "laboratoire d’excellence” program, launched in 2010 in the frame of the French initiative "Investissements d’avenir”, aims at supporting top-level scientific teams who are seeking to developp innovative research projects. 

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