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16/11/2016 - Conférence "'No to the Ideology of Gender!': French Mobilization Against Same-Sex Marriage"

Chercheurs invités, Conférence
16 novembre 2016

Lieu(x) :

Toronto, York University (Canada)

Dorit Geva (EURIAS fellow 2016-2017) donne une conférence intitulée 'No to the Ideology of Gender!': French Mobilization Against Same-Sex Marriage

Résumé :
"The “Manif Pour Tous” (MPT) is a French social movement that mobilized during the spring of 2013 against legalization of same- sex marriage. Drawing from ethnographic observation of MPT events, supplemented by interviews with founding members, the paper analyzes the complex moral claims of MPT activists. It seeks to understand why they mobilized against “gender,” at the same time that they claimed that they were not homophobic, and even self-identified as feminist. The paper argues that MPT members viewed their own ideational complexity as standing against the “ideology of gender” propagated by “bobos,” or bourgeois-bohemian secular elites who putatively dominate French universities and the French state. The politics of gender and sexuality have therefore become a stage upon which intra- bourgeois class struggles are being played out in contemporary France."

Sponsored by the Jean Monnet Chair at York University and York Research Chair in Global Digital Citizenship, York University, Toronto, Canada

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